The synergistic potential of connected cars and connected homes

In an increasingly connected world powered by smart technologies and data ubiquity we are moving towards a new era of connectivity encompassing phones, cars, homes and everything in between. This trend is only likely to accelerate…

What does that mean for the future of connected cars and connected homes, and how can we leverage the inherent opportunity?

The connected car market is growing fast at a CAGR of 24%, with more than 350m cars expected globally, accounting for almost a quarter of all cars by 2023 (CapGemini). McKinsey forecasts the total global value of connectivity to be between $450–750 bn by 2030. Meanwhile, the worldwide shipment of smart home devices is expected to exceed 1 billion units globally by 2023 (BusinessWire). This proliferation of smart home devices and increasing connectivity in cars is propelling us towards a future in which the two are integrated, with greater customisation as well as enhanced ease and convenience for users. Changing consumer preferences such as increasing environmental consciousness, a desire for greater control and customisation as well as a need to stay connected could further fuel this transition.

With smart speakers already establishing their role as a central device in homes, could intelligent personal assistants also be the future of cars and consequently bridge the gap between the home and the car?

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