Microsoft links millennial’s health to sustainability with new digital bank

The tech giant has partnered with Italian startup Flowe for a banking platform, which aims to educate younger ages about sustainable spending

Net Hero Podcast

Microsoft has launched a new digital banking platform following a partnership with Italian startup Flowe.

The new banking experience aims to educate younger generations about how environmental awareness can be at “the heart of financial decisions”.

Targetting millennial customers, Flowe, which is founded by Italian bank Banca Mediolanum, has released an app that features educational videos on sustainability, as well as on how to eat well and exercise properly. 

Using the Microsoft artificial intelligence platform Azure, the new digital bank will be able to review customer data, such as credit card transactions, carbon impact or the engagement of users with the videos on the application.

The analysis of the data provides the user with useful insights such as the carbon footprint of shopping at one store compared to another.

Ivan Mazzoleni, CEO at Flowe, said: “We want to educate customers not only on financial topics like how to manage money but also on their use of natural resources or how physically active they are.”