East Kent Hospitals NHS Trust unveils solar power plan to cut emissions

Half of Margate’s Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital will be powered with 1,200 solar panels

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One of the largest hospital trusts in England, East Kent Hospitals NHS Trust, has unveiled a plan to power half of Margate’s Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital with 1,200 solar panels in a bid to cut carbon dioxide emissions.

The organisation is also working with its facilities arm 2gether Support Solutions and energy performance firm Breathe on a project to reduce carbon emissions and make more use of green technologies.

This collaboration will also include the deployment of LED lighting, the upgrade of heating and the improvement of cooling systems to reduce the carbon footprint of hospitals.

The project is expected to reduce the trust’s carbon dioxide emissions by more than 2,000 tonnes every year and will also save £1.2 million a year.

Liz Shutler, East Kent Hospitals’ Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Strategic Development, said: “This is a hugely important project that will deliver benefits for staff and patients, as well as for the environment.

“Our corner of the south-east benefits from some beautifully sunny days so it makes sense to be able to harness that to create electricity for our hospitals.”

The solar panels are due to start producing electricity next month.