UK’s largest meat businesses announce ambition to halve the amount wasted each year

Currently, around 380,000 tonnes of the meat intended for consumption goes uneaten each year, generating more than four million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents

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A total of 38 of the UK’s largest meat producers and retailers have come together to announce their ambition to halve the amount of meat wasted across the country each year.

The organisations have signed up to 'Meat in a Net Zero world', an initiative developed under the Courtauld Commitment 2025 and facilitated by WRAP - signatories of the scheme now include all major grocery retailers, processors representing 80% of UK production and hospitality and food service companies.

Supported by key trade bodies including the National Farmers Union, the Agriculture and Horticultural Development Board, the British Meat Processors Association, the British Poultry Council, the British Retail Consortium, Hybu Cig Cymru, the National Pig Association, Quality Meat Scotland and the Sustainable Restaurant Association, it aims to reduce waste and help the UK achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

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