Cloud services provider offers carbon-negative options to public organisations at no-extra cost

The firm sends a monthly statement to its customers, certifying its services have been completely offset

Cloud services provider UKCloud has committed to offering additional carbon offsets to enable its customers to maintain a carbon-negative cloud footprint.

The firm says these services, which aim to decarbonise the technology and IT sectors, will be offered at no extra cost to public sector organisations.

The company is providing data about the electricity use of its digital services every month by sending a monthly statement to its customers, certifying that any carbon produced in the delivery of the cloud service has been entirely offset.

John Godwin, Director of Information Assurance and Compliance at UKCloud, said: “Every organisation in the world has a moral obligation to do whatever they can to reduce their carbon footprint to net zero as soon as possible.

“UKCloud has long recognised this and since 2011 we have engaged Natural Capital Partners to independently certify our cloud services as carbon-neutral. We’re delighted to extend this commitment to sustainable technology by becoming the first to provide carbon-negative cloud services to the UK public sector.”

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