Monday 8 June 2020

You have listened – now let’s take action

You have listened – now let’s take action

Thanks to all of you who joined our future Net Zero Online events last week.

We had some amazing engagement; more than 2,400 registrations, 1,300 viewers who asked 218 questions and our net average rating out of 5 was a staggering 4.5! So, thank you to all of you who listened and watched and thanks to all our partners and sponsors, who took their time out to speak and prepare such diverse content.

If things had been different, we would have staged this as a one-day event but in the circumstances, we hope there was a feeling of community as we tried to involve you all. We hope next year we can do this in person! By the way, if you missed any of the sessions, they are all available now on future Net Zero so do watch and listen in.

By now you would have hopefully gathered our top line, that three-quarters of you don’t believe coronavirus will hold back your plans for net zero and that 79% of you believe business should be leading the narrative around net zero carbon. This is what we are here for, to help you do just that, so now let’s get to work.

Here’s what we will do – firstly we will look at the data from the webinars and see if we can identify some clear themes you all agree on, we will then collate this into content which along with our partners we will produce into thought leadership. We will then present this to government to give a voice to the feelings of business.

Here's what I want you to do – join us!

If you have subscribed already, ask your friends and colleagues to do so. If you think our cause is the right one, get your organisation to join us as a partner or supporter. Then send us your thoughts, stories and views on the actions business can take to make this change and the things you think we need to lobby government and other bodies to do, so that we can build on this momentum and really make a difference.

We can create a business voice for accelerating Net Zero – help us to do so.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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