Webinar: The Digital Future of Energy Management

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Pete looks at energy management both historically and currently and offers an insight into how the sector might differ post-Covid 19. Ranging from an introductory geopolitical outlook through to historical challenges and impacts and on to leading edge, ground-breaking technologies of the future, the webinar covers the subject matter in bite-size chunks in a simple and informative presentation. The session concludes with a glimpse of how NGP are integrating IoT and AI applications within their product portfolio of next-generation, cloud-connected, real-time live streaming solutions.


  • Pete Mackarel, Head Of Energy Management Sales, Northern Gas and Power

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Speaker bio:

Pete Mackarel, Head Of Energy Management Sales, Northern Gas and Power
Pete Mackarel is relatively new to energy and energy management services, having joined Northern Gas and Power two years ago. Most of his career has been in the telecommunications industry and allied markets; telematics, vehicle cctv and videoconferencing. This has been predominantly heading up various sales teams and field based sales and management in the B 2 B workspace.

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