Calderdale Council drives towards net zero with EV and hybrid fleet

The project is expected to save £50,000 every year compared to running petrol and diesel vehicles

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Calderdale Council in West Yorkshire has put forward a plan to cut its carbon dioxide emissions by deploying 31 electric and five hybrid vehicles in its fleet.

The local authority, which has set a target to make the borough carbon-neutral by 2038, will use the new cars for waste management, community safety and children’s services.

The new fleet is expected to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 75% per vehicle and save £50,000 every year compared to running petrol and diesel vehicles.

A new £140,000 funding for electric charging points for the council’s new vehicles is also in the pipeline to be given the green light.

Scott Patient, Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Environment, said: “Tackling climate change and avoiding dangerous levels of global warming is an ongoing fight and we must all keep up the great joint work done so far.

“As well as replacing many of our old, inefficient vehicles, the new ones would help significantly in protecting our environment and improving air quality.

“This would have health benefits for everyone, especially the most vulnerable and deprived people in Calderdale.”