Wednesday 20 May 2020

Shrewsbury launches £250k fund to support its carbon-neutral plans

Shrewsbury launches £250k fund to support its carbon-neutral plans

Shrewsbury Town Council has launched a £250,000 fund to press ahead with its carbon-neutral plans.

A climate emergency advisory group will also be set up to help the city become carbon-neutral by 2030 and monitor the performance of initiatives established to accelerate climate goals.

The local authority says it has been working to measure the council's carbon footprint, explore ways to change the council’s fleet to electric alternatives, press forward with greater tree planting and develop better arrangements to procure goods and services with better environmental credentials.

Alan Mosley, Leader of the Shrewsbury Town Council, said: “We have been at the forefront of local councils in declaring a climate emergency and in reviewing all our operations to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

“We have a wealth of expertise and experience in Shrewsbury to advise us in moving forward.  So, we are calling on key stakeholders to nominate people to join a strong advisory group to help ensure we set appropriate targets, help us to achieve them as quickly as possible and monitor our performance in doing so.

“We hope that groups such as Friends of the Earth, Shropshire Wildlife Trust, Extinction Rebellion, Young Shrewsbury and the Civic Society will join with members and officers of the Town Council to advise and support us in achieving the best possible outcomes and establishing best practice.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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