Converse launches green collection out of recycled cotton waste

The footwear maker has repurposed cotton scraps from its factories to create ‘the most sustainable sneakers’

Net Hero Podcast

Converse has launched a new collection of sneakers hailed as ‘the most sustainable’ it has ever created blending leftover cotton canvas cuts with recycled polyester.

With its ‘Renew’ range of shoes, the footwear maker has utilised and transformed scraps from its manufacturing process in a bid to eliminate waste and develop more sustainable practices.

In pursuit of a sustainable future in its operations, Converse has introduced its iconic Chuck Taylors from 100% recycled polyester that came from used plastic bottles.

The Converse Renew collection of Chuck Taylors also includes sneakers made with upcycled denim from hand-selected jeans and a blend of 40% recycled cotton canvas scraps.