Webinar: How does my business fit in a new green economy and provide accredited environmental information?

This webinar will be brought to you live from 15:30 on June 3rd

Demands to reduce environmental impact affects every part of any business. Everyone needs accurate data to make decisions and plan within a green and sustainable framework.  Often existing business tools don’t or can’t share the environmental information needed to plan and implement new projects, set targets and KPIs within the business. Our proven simple to use Energinet energy management system, which is ISO50001 accredited, offers comprehensive environmental, emissions and energy reporting together with an excellent project management structure, enabling you to integrate companywide your business response to the demands of the green economy.

In this webinar Alex Lancashire explains how icSynergy’s  Energinet is used as an organisation wide tool to manage energy, projects, reporting and reduce GHG’s.


  • Alex Lancashire, Director, icSynergy Ltd & icLighting LED’s Ltd

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Speaker bio:
Alex Lancashire, Director, icSynergy Ltd & icLighting LED’s Ltd
Alex Lancashire is a director of icSynergy Ltd and  icLighting LED’s Ltd. He has a passion and a track record  for energy saving and tries hard not to bore people with his enthusiasm.

One of Alex’s  mantras is:- “if you don’t measure it, you have no hope of managing it” when you have real facts at your command you can do amazing things.

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