Wednesday 6 May 2020

BAFTA launches initiative to help actors build a ‘greener screen’

BAFTA launches initiative to help actors build a ‘greener screen’

Albert, a collaborative BAFTA, independent and broadcaster-backed project, has launched an initiative to help actors build a 'greener screen' and a pathway to carbon-neutral film and television industry.

The programme, named 'green rider' is a new contract which enables professionals from creative industries to request more sustainable measures on set.

From travel to catering and costumes to makeup, the initiative allows actors, writers, directors and others to include a green rider in their contract.

Green rider-requested changes during a film or television production could include travelling by train or in an electric vehicle (EV), vegetarian catering on set, costumes and makeup from reusable and ethical sources or even trailers powered by a renewable electric generator.

Richard Wilson, Spotlight CEO, said: "Actors and their agents, alongside casting directors have a huge amount of influence and they all want help to do more to make our carbon-intensive industry more sustainable.

"The Green Rider gives them a framework and guidance for how to do this."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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