Wednesday 22 April 2020

‘UK to witness 28.2m tonne drop in transport emissions due to lockdown’

‘UK to witness 28.2m tonne drop in transport emissions due to lockdown’

With more than 97% of UK residents staying at home, carbon dioxide emission levels from the transport sector are forecast to drop by 28.22 million tonnes in 2020.

That's according to a recent analysis by Eco Experts, which says 64.55 million workers are estimated to avoid public transport services for a duration of 12 weeks, resulting in a reduction of 1.76 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents.

Air travel is also down by 59% from 2019 levels, resulting in a significant drop in related emissions.

In contrast, household energy consumption is expected to increase by 15% during the 12-week lockdown - the study forecasts a rise of 4.11 million tonnes from domestic sources over the period, which it notes will be offset by an equivalent reduction in industrial emission levels.

Writer and Analyst at Eco Experts, Josh Jackman, said: "The UK’s carbon dioxide equivalent emissions are set to drop by 28.22 million tonnes during the first 12 weeks of lockdown, as cars leave the roads and planes stay out of the skies. 97% of the population is staying home and the longer that happens, the more pollution levels will drop – perhaps the only positive consequence from this global crisis."

The 12-week suspension is also expected to result in a ‘significant’ drop in particulate matter in London, allowing the capital city to meet the World Health Organisation’s recommended limit.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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