Sweden becomes third European country to eliminate coal from power production

Stockholm Exergi AB’s Värtaverket plant has been closed two years early in a drive towards decarbonising the nation’s electricity supply

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Sweden has closed its last coal power plant two years early.

The closure of Stockholm Exergi AB’s Värtaverket plant means Sweden has become the third European nation to eliminate the polluting fossil fuel from its electricity production.

France, Slovakia, Portugal, the UK, Ireland and Italy are expected to follow suit by 2025 or earlier.

Kathrin Gutmann, Campaign Director for Europe Beyond Coal, said: “With Sweden going coal-free in the same week as Austria, the downward trajectory of coal in Europe is clear.

“Against the backdrop of the serious health challenges we are currently facing, leaving coal behind in exchange for renewables is the right decision and will repay us in kind with improved health, climate protection and more resilient economies.”