Michelin and Enviro to jointly develop technology to transform tyres into raw materials

The project could produce high-quality products such as recovered carbon black, pyrolysis oil, steel and gas

Net Hero Podcast

Michelin has partnered with Enviro to develop and commercialise an innovative pyrolysis technology to recycle old tyres.

This innovative technology enables the conversion of used rubber into high-quality products, such as recovered carbon black, pyrolysis oil, steel and gas, that can be reused in various industrial sectors.

Swedish startup Enviro says it has developed a technology to modify the chemical composition of the material during the pyrolysis process while ensuring minimal energy consumption.

Sonia Artinian-Fredou, Michelin’s Services and Solutions, High Technology Materials Business Director, said: “The partnership we have just signed with Enviro fits perfectly with Michelin’s ‘All Sustainable‘ vision.

“After the acquisition of Lehigh Technologies in 2017, a specialist in high-tech micro-powders derived from recycled tyres, this is a further proof of Michelin’s long-term commitment to recycling and sustainable mobility.”