The global carbon market ‘will grow rapidly in the next decade’

That’s the forecast from Vaughan Lindsay, CEO of ClimateCare, who told FNZ about the ‘inevitable’ steps that every business will have to take in the near future

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The global carbon market will grow rapidly in the next decade.

That’s the suggestion of Vaughan Lindsay, CEO of ClimateCare, who spoke to future Net Zero Founder Sumit Bose about the development of corporate integrated carbon strategies and the ‘inevitable’ steps that every business will have to follow in the near future.

He recognises public awareness, changing consumer behaviour and investor’s belief that ‘a high carbon business model is a broken model’ will be pivot points of this change and notes: “There is consumer pressure from the bottom, investor pressure from the top and government pressure on the side, which drives many organisations every day to the right direction”.

He said every small and big business has to move with a three-step-approach of measuring, reducing and offsetting emissions.

Despite the coronavirus disruptions, he remains optimistic about the further expansion of the carbon market because he thinks the level of voluntary action people are taking is ‘really high’ and the number of businesses making net zero statements ‘is ever-increasing’.

He also suggests: “One of the things Covid-19 has shown us is what we can do if we take collective action and it’s what a global issue, such as climate change, requires.”