Monday 30 March 2020

San Diego becomes home to ‘first net zero energy archive’ in US

San Diego becomes home to ‘first net zero energy archive’ in US

The 'first net zero energy archive' has landed in the US - it is the outcome of a partnership between Miller Hull, an interior design firm and CW Driver, a Californian building firm.

They say the 25,000-square-foot building, located in Santee, California, which has already achieved Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification was designed using a 'reduce before you produce' approach, focused on minimising energy usage so less renewable generation is necessary.

Using a photovoltaic system that produces 252kWh per year, the building, which provides services from property records and tax collecting to historical records and civil wedding ceremonies, provides enough energy for the entire site, with a 5% buffer.

It also features a combination of passive systems, such as strategic building orientation to control heat gain and direct occupant views, as well as a high-efficiency envelope and hybrid mechanical systems, lighting power reductions, plug-load reductions and operational changes that will reduce energy consumption by staff and visitors.

In addition, the facility makes use of bioswales, a vegetated stormwater management system, to reduce runoff and improve water quality.

Ben Dalton, Miller Hull's Design Lead for the project, said:“The main goals for the new building were to create access and prioritize efficiency, while focusing on building user health and highlighting the area’s surrounding beauty.

"With C.W. Driver’s net zero energy construction expertise and support, we were able to create a building that meets all our goals and serves as a model for future buildings to help push healthy, sustainable design forward.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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