Opinion – supply chain sustainability on City’s agenda

In the first of a regular column, Shravan Joshi an elected member of the City of London, argues for steps to make supply chains much more sustainable right now

A few months ago the last thing on anyone’s mind was supply chains and logistics, yet nearly every newspaper around the world is now talking about the fragility of these vital and complex pathways for delivery.

I want to take a step back from the immediate COVID-19 related needs and focus on this sector from a sustainability and efficiency perspective, which is what will ensure that these vital links in the chain can remain strong for the long term, with reduced environmental footprints at their core.

Speaking with experts in the field and focusing very much on The City of London’s own needs, the first thing that emerges is that any sort of drive towards a lower carbon footprint, has to be collaborative and inclusive of the entire, commercial supply chain.

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