Monday 30 March 2020

Fuel cell bus in Wuhan ‘travels equivalent of one lap around the world’

Fuel cell bus in Wuhan ‘travels equivalent of one lap around the world’

During the last few months, Wuhan, has been widely known as the epicentre of the coronavirus- however, the city has also hosted the field tests of a fuel cell bus, which has now travelled 40,000 kilometres, the equivalent of one lap around the world.

The bus is one of several that has been equipped with a 40kW fuel cell system based on 2 PowerCell S2 fuel cell stacks by Wuhan Tiger, which aims to develop fuel cell-powered vehicles for the Chinese market.

The system has been tested in buses running in daily traffic on two bus lines in Wuhan, one of them covering 12 kilometres with 16 stops.

Yibo Zhao, President of PowerCell’s Chinese subsidiary PowerCell Fuel Cell Co Ltd. said: “Despite intensive use for a long time and under tough conditions, none of the stacks has experienced any problems whatsoever – the bus that has covered the longest distance so far has run 40,000 kilometres.”

Wu Bo, Vice President at Wuhan Tiger, said: “Our buses equipped with PowerCell’s stacks have been working very well. Thanks to their reliability, we have been able to demonstrate in a very tangible way that the fuel cell technology is a truly attractive alternative when phasing out fossil fuels from the automotive segment.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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