SSE Business Energy signs deal to allow O2 suppliers and partners go green

The scheme makes O2’s own lower renewable energy rate from SSE Business Energy available to its partner businesses of all sizes

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O2 and SSE Business Energy have joined forces to launch a new service allowing all O2 suppliers and business partners in the UK to buy SSE Green renewable electricity at an exclusive rate.

The move allows suppliers and partners to demonstrate their own sustainability credentials and comes as part of O2’s plans to reduce carbon emissions across its business by 2025.

Rachel McEwen, Chief Sustainability Officer at SSE, said: “As a large renewable developer, SSE can provide the zero carbon energy that the rest of the economy needs and we’re delighted to be working with O2 to offer SSE Green to their suppliers.

“From our perspective, O2 is one of the best examples of a customer demanding not only climate action but also improved sustainability credentials across their supply chain and the promotion of SSE Green at a reduced rate will further strengthen the positive influence they can have on their suppliers.”

O2 already uses 100% renewable electricity at all of its sites where it controls the energy bill.