Thursday 20 February 2020

Saving money ‘is the most common reason for switching to an electric vehicle’

Saving money ‘is the most common reason for switching to an electric vehicle’

Saving money is the most common reason for switching to an electric vehicle (EV), with 61% of respondents in a new survey suggesting they drive an electric car to save money.

That's according to a new survey published by charging infrastructure firm NewMotion, which asked 4,492 EV drivers about a variety of issues relating to the adoption of battery-powered cars - 58% said they made the switch for a better driving experience, while only 10% said they were motivated by environmental factors, despite 81% describing themselves as ‘environmentally-conscious'.

Almost half of EV drivers worry about a future lack of available charge points, with 46% of the surveyed drivers suggesting an increase in the availability of charge points would significantly improve their charging experience.

Around 41% say the use of a single charge card will be an important improvement to the EV charging experience, as this will help to more easily access available charge points while on-the-go.

Six-in-ten EV drivers expect that ‘full-electric’ vehicles will be the most dominant fuel type for cars by 2030. while 14% expect hydrogen to be the most dominant full type in the future - only 12% expect petrol and diesel to remain the most dominant fuel type.

Sytse Zuidema, CEO at NewMotion, said: "Electric driving is the undisputed future of mobility in Europe. The industry is currently at the crossroad of the mobility and energy transition as electric driving has become more popular and is upscaling into its next phase: mass adoption. We’re ready for the mass adoption of EV charging with our smart solutions that make charging easy and accessible for everyone.

"At NewMotion, we want to lower barriers for EV driving. To make e-mobility accessible for everyone, the industry needs to mature and we’d need to see improved collaboration between all parties in the energy transition, but particularly car manufacturers and EV charging solution providers. This will be the only way to live up to the promising future of electric driving.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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