Friday 31 January 2020

Extinction Rebellion protest hits McKinsey & Company’s London office

Extinction Rebellion protest hits McKinsey & Company’s London office

Extinction Rebellion have today launched a protest outside management consultant McKinsey & Company’s London office to demand the firm uses its influence to tackle climate change.

The activist group claims its advisory position means it has the opportunity to influence companies and governments to take greater action on tackling climate change.

More than 30 protesters gathered on the street outside the building - one said: “It states on the company website that ‘we are carbon neutral’ but it is pumping carbon directly into the atmosphere with its huge number of flights, a number that is actually increasing in real terms.

"There is an entrenched culture of flying business class: perceived by employees as a cherished perk. But this perk is responsible for three times more emissions than flying economy. Supporting various carbon off-set projects is not good enough – it is essentially saying to the people of poorer countries: “You deal with the impacts of climate change – it’s business-as-usual for us.”

Extinction Rebellion wants the firm to publicly declare a “climate and ecological emergency”, publish a science-based target for reducing emissions and disclose what proportion of its clients are aligned with international climate obligations.

Extinction Rebellion said: "Extinction Rebellion’s latest target is McKinsey & Company the world’s leading management consultants, high priests of global capitalism."

ELN has contacted McKinsey & Company for a statement.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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