Monday 27 January 2020

We’re already on the way to Net Zero… but what exactly is it?

We’re already on the way to Net Zero… but what exactly is it?

As 2019 rolls into 2020, climate change is literally a hotter topic than ever, with wildfires sweeping Australia and the Amazon, green grasses creeping higher and higher up the previously icy slopes of Mount Everest and global temperature records soaring with each year that goes by.

The world’s scientists almost universally agree that these changes are being driven by carbon dioxide emissions in our atmosphere – but how can we stop climate change in its tracks while continuing to ensure businesses, jobs and the economy are not negatively affected?

As most of you watching this video will already know, the UK is one of several countries that has now committed to going net zero by 2050 – but what does net zero actually mean and how will it work?

On face value, it means reaching a point where there are no greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere, so a nation or a business that reaches net zero is not contributing to climate change.

If you examine the topic a little more closely, it becomes more of a grey area. Is it really possible to reduce emissions to zero without collapsing the economy? Are carbon offsets actually a legitimate way of going green? How do supply chains and international exports factor into things and who should take responsibility for cleaning them up?

future New Zero is working with the top businesses from across all sectors to find the answers to these questions, share knowledge and best practice about how best to drive down emissions, and together, deliver a net zero future.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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