Asda equips fishing fleets with bags to tackle plastic waste

The supermarket says hardwearing and durable bags will be used by fishermen to collect plastic waste when it is found in their nets

Net Hero Podcast

Asda has announced it is equipping its fish supplier’s fleets with hardwearing and durable bags that will be used by fishermen to collect plastic waste.

They will be distributed to all of Asda’s fleets, including those in Scotland, Alaska and Norway, which fish for Mackerel, Pollock, wild Salmon, Tuna, Haddock and Cod.

The supermarket says the move will mean crews on more than 500 vessels can now collect harmful items such as plastic bottles and carrier bags when they find them in nets.

The bags have been deployed as part of the ‘Fishing for Plastic’ initiative, which aims to reduce the amount of plastic that finds its way into the sea, where it can pose harm to wildlife.

Helen Bird, Strategic Engagement Manager from WRAP, said: “Keeping plastic waste out of the natural environment is central to the aims of The UK Plastics Pact, so we welcome this move from one of our founding members.

“Collaborative working across supply chains is the only way we can tackle the issue of plastic pollution effectively.”