No demand for electric Ferrari

Italian car maker will concentrate on hybrid market for the time being

Net Hero Podcast

Ferrari customers aren’t clamouring for an electric supercar just yet, says Ferrari.

The Italian car maker recently announced that it wouldn’t have an electric car on the road until after 2025. In the meantime it’s focusing on hybrid models.

A 60% hybrid petrol-electric car is due in the showroom by 2022 and is expeted to deliver 1,000 horsepower as it accelerates from 0-100km in 2.5 seconds.

A senior executive has let slip that none of the company’s current customers is demanding a full electric car.  It seems they’re not concerned about the CO2 emissions from a Ferrari because many owners only drive their cars two thousand miles a year.

However, the supercar maker is bothered about emissions. It must hit 2021 targets to cap 95g/km of group CO2 emissions or be hit with millions of euros in fines.