India and China lead the way in most pollution related deaths – USA in top ten

Report from Global Alliance on Health and Pollution (GAHP) says pollution is a global crisis

According to the GAHP pollution remains the world’s largest environmental threat to human health, responsible in 2017 for 15% of all deaths globally, and 275 million Disability-Adjusted Life Years.

The 2019 report, it says, underscores the extent and severity of harm caused by air, water, and occupational pollution.

Richard Fuller, Chair of the GAHP Board of Directors, said: “In order to tackle pollution, we must prioritise it as an issue that affects us all, integrating it into health planning, and increasing funding to allow more research into pollution, such as monitoring pollution and its effects, and developing ways to control pollution. Pollution prevention can be highly cost-effective – helping to improve health and reduce climate impacts, while boosting economies,”

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