Friday 29 November 2019

Google joins World Green Building Council’s Corporate Advisory Board

Google joins World Green Building Council’s Corporate Advisory Board

Google has joined the Corporate Advisory Board of the World Green Building Council (GBC) as it focuses its efforts on accelerating the transition towards carbon-free energy.

The Board consists of a select group of companies that are global leaders on sustainability and serve to guide WorldGBC on its strategy and activities.

Google has a longstanding commitment to climate action and in 2018, it achieved 12 consecutive years of carbon neutrality and for the second year in a row, matched 100% of the electricity consumption of its global operations with renewable energy.

In September, the multinational technology company was one of more than 80 organisations to officially endorse the vision and ambition of WorldGBC’s ‘Bringing Embodies Carbon Upfront’ report, recognising the need for co-ordinated action across the whole value chain to achieve fully decarbonised buildings and infrastructure by 2050.

Lynn N. Simon, FAIA, LEED Fellow, Head of REWS Sustainability at Google said: “At Google, we build sustainability into everything we do by focusing on healthy workplaces, circularity and climate resilience in our built environment. We are excited by the opportunity to have an even greater impact by collaborating with WorldGBC and its corporate partners.”

WorldGBC CEO Cristina Gamboa welcomed Google to serve on its Board, adding: “Our partnership with Google will support our global network’s commitment to accelerating the transition to a sustainable and carbon-free built environment.

“Their leadership in delivering technology solutions and their exemplary record in operational efficiencies and clean, zero carbon energy will continue to inspire many other businesses to take action now.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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