Monday 11 November 2019

Optimal’s revolutionary EMMA AI energy management solution wins prestigious Wright Commission Award

Optimal’s revolutionary EMMA AI energy management solution wins prestigious Wright Commission Award

Optimal Monitoring and its ground-breaking artificial intelligence energy management solution, EMMA AI, has won the Wright Commission Award as voted by the Retail Energy Forum.

Developed in partnership with The University of Reading and its Innovate UK Knowledge Transfer Partnership, Optimal's EMMA AI is a unique, artificial intelligence energy management platform.

Optimal is a leader in energy management software and has introduced EMMA AI to empower organisations to make smarter decisions about building utilities and energy consumption. Energy and Facilities Managers no longer have to analyse data and implement actions as Optimal's new solution identifies anomalies and critically, sends instructions straight to those tasked with managing estate efficiency. This results in faster rectification and significant cost savings in terms of resource management, carbon efficiency and financial gain. EMMA AI is proven to deliver substantial ROI within many vertical markets including retail, logistics, manufacturing and public sector.

EMMA AI was one of three Wright Commission Award finalists as nominated by the Retail Energy Forum (REF) for outstanding innovation in the energy management space. The REF encompasses major retail organisations that have pledged to ensure the UK’s transition to a low carbon economy. Optimal presented their winning pitch to the REF panel of judges at Energy Live Expo 2019, which was held at the QE11 Building, Westminster, London.

Following the announcement that EMMA AI had won, Michael Prager, Optimal Monitoring Chairman, said: “We are delighted to be awarded this prestigious accolade. EMMA AI is a pioneering product in a highly competitive sector which has now been officially recognised as the best by high calibre retailers. Now we also have the opportunity to work ‘hand in glove’ with The Retail Energy Forum, today's result is both an award and reward that we value in the highest possible terms."

Accompanying Michael, Duncan Everett, Optimal Monitoring Managing Director, added: “Today's award has underlined our belief that EMMA AI addresses a genuine gap in energy management capability, finally making results-based energy management viable across the board. It changes everything. No organisation really wants utility data, they want solutions – EMMA AI provides this direct to the personnel responsible for implementation with ultra-efficiency and minimal resource management. We feel honoured to hold the Wright Commission Award and look forward to partnering with the REF so that the true value of EMMA AI can be leveraged by all with an invested interest in energy efficiency."

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Bruna Pinhoni

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