Geminor lands contract to handle waste wood in Norway

The companies involved believe the contract is the first of its kind in the country – it will see much of the wood recycled into furniture

Net Hero Podcast

Geminor has landed a contract to handle waste wood in Norway.

The firm was awarded the tender by Norwegian waste producer Renovasjon i Grenland (RIG), which believes the contract to collect, transport and treat mixed waste wood is the first of its kind in the country.

Starting in 2020, the agreement covers an annual handling of 8,000 tonnes of waste wood over four years, of which at least 60% must be recycled.

Most of the waste wood will be sorted and treated in the city of Skien before being used in the production of particle boards for the furniture industry across Europe.

Country Manager in Norway, Kjetil Hausken, said he expected more tenders of this type to appear in the near future and said: “For environmental reasons, requirements for material recycling is becoming the norm and this will affect future public tender competitions.

“Sorted and shredded waste wood is a material in great demand – and it is a type of waste that is very beneficial to recycle.”