Monday 5 August 2019

The Future of Business Energy by npower Business Solutions, Energy HQ

The Future of Business Energy by npower Business Solutions, Energy HQ

From Industry 4.0 and the adoption of big data, to blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) and the Internet of Things (IoT), technology is driving the future of the UK energy market. But with pervasive computing opening a new world of opportunity, will technology become an Energy Manager’s dedicated sidekick, or will it be the death of the role as we know it?

Technology has the power to cut energy use by up to 17%. Over time, it becomes more accurate and efficient because it learns from experience. The more sensors you install, the more information there is to learn from.

So, if something so simple – and already available on the market – has such a disruptive influence, what does the future of the industry look like? In this podcast, we discuss how technology has the potential to revolutionise energy management. Using best practice examples, insight and anecdotes from some of the industry’s most innovative businesses, we highlight how technology can help you to optimise your business energy use today, and what’s coming around the corner.

Featured Guests

Wayne Mitchell
Director of npower Business Solutions, Energy HQ
Wayne has worked in the energy industry for 20 years, starting as an Analyst for an energy consultancy before moving into business development and pricing for npower Business Solutions. Upon joining the company he focused on strengthening relationships with external consultants, before taking up his current position heading up Energy HQ, which provides energy solutions and risk management services to UK businesses.

Geoff Curran
Commercial Director and Co-Founder, Energy Live News
Geoff leads on commercial strategy as well as coming up with the idea of ELN. Energy Live News (ELN) is the leading dedicated energy news site in the UK. It's mix of daily text stories and creative TV is award-winning. It makes energy issues easy to understand and appeals to both the B2B sector and casual reader. It is independent and was created in 2010 to bring to life the important issues around all kinds of energy.

David Penfold
Managing Director, Teal Hippo Ltd
Prior to founding Teal Hippo, David Penfold held the role of Senior Energy Manager for one of the UK’s leading grocery retailers. With significant experience in energy and water efficiency, he specialises in delivering innovative energy cost-saving solutions for organisations nationwide.

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