Monday 5 August 2019

Burberry brings old fishing nets to the catwalk

Burberry brings old fishing nets to the catwalk

Fashion giant Burberry has announced it is introducing a new clothing line made from old fishing nets, scraps of fabric and industrial plastic waste.

The sustainable nylon yarn material is called ECONYL - its raw ingredients are largely sourced from the world's oceans, in which there are large volumes of floating rubbish, as well as from other waste streams destined for landfill.

Burberry says the material is high-quality, environmentally-friendly and highly versatile, allowing shoppers to follow fashion trends and tackle environmental issues at the same time.

It will produce new iterations of its trench coat and car coat using ECONYL, as well as an oversized cape, a fleece-lined puffer jacket and a reversible bomber jacket.

Following criticism from green groups, Burberry has said it will now reuse, repair, donate or recycle all of its unsaleable products, rather than burning unsold clothes, bags and perfume.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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