Wednesday 24 July 2019

Equi Energy gallops towards stable energy system

Equi Energy gallops towards stable energy system

Epping-based Equi Energy is galloping towards a cleaner and more stable energy system for the UK.

ELN spoke to founder Amber Zakrzewski about her plans to convert heaps of horse dung from stables and fields across the country into biomass pellets, which can be burned in power stations to generate electricity.

She stressed that many typical biomass plants use wood chips as a feedstock, which are often imported from overseas, generating significant amounts of unnecessary emissions - her product is already available across most of the UK in its raw form and just requires processing before it can be used to generate energy for local regions.

Ms Zakrzewski told ELN: "We estimate that for every horse there is in the country, it generates enough electricity eventually to power one house and at the moment there's estimated at 994,000 horses in the UK, so that's just under a million homes that we could be powering."

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Bruna Pinhoni

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