Tuesday 16 July 2019

New solar portfolio ‘to cut Poland’s carbon footprint by 306,000 tonnes’

New solar portfolio ‘to cut Poland’s carbon footprint by 306,000 tonnes’

A new solar portfolio is expected to cut Poland's carbon footprint by a total of 306,000 tonnes each year.

Sun Investment Group (SIG) is planning to build a 600MW facility spread across 1,200 hectares, cutting the nation's carbon footprint by 306,000 tonnes every year, the equivalent of taking approximately 67,000 cars off the road.

The solar farms will be auctioned off within six to 24 months after they are completed.

The company recently sold the 42.36MW solar energy portfolio in Poland it shared with E Energija - the sale was made to Aberdeen Standard Investments.

It says the latest development will make it one of the region's largest solar providers and has recently expanded its team to help with the forthcoming expansion.

Business Development Officer, Andrius Terskovas, said: "Since we entered the Polish photovoltaic market almost two years ago, we endeavoured to position ourselves as an early investor and developer of market-leading solar energy installations.

"The recent acquisition of our Polish portfolio will allow us to expand further across Poland via the construction of 600MW of solar plants. Based on our data, we know that our new installations will be able to reduce Poland’s carbon footprint by 306,000 tonnes each year and significantly contribute to helping the country towards its development of sustainable renewable energy sources.”"

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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