Tuesday 16 July 2019



Founded in 1981 by Angelo Baronchelli, AB is the global benchmark for cogeneration, biogas and biomethane sectors. AB designs, manufactures, installs and services the best performing solutions on the world market; the entire production process takes place in our own factories in Orzinuovi (BS - Italy), that represent the world's most important industrial centre in this field, on a site comprising approximately 40,000 square metres of interconnected buildings. Reliability and performance are guaranteed by a dedicated service, with more than 280 specialist technicians operating worldwide.

Over 1,250 cogeneration plants have been installed to date, with a total nominal electrical power of more than 1,600 MW. In the past few years the company's production capacity has quadrupled, with the number of employees increasing to 900. AB now has direct subsidiaries in Europe, Russia, North America and South America.


Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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