Wednesday 5 June 2019

What’s the cheapest country to run an EV?

What’s the cheapest country to run an EV?

What's the cheapest country to run an electric vehicle (EV)?

A new set of statistics calculated by Compare the Market suggests it might be the South American nation of Chile, where it costs as little as £5.32 to fully power an EV, due to the low average household cost of electricity at £0.05 per Kwh - this means you could drive a vehicle for around 100 miles for a total fuel cost of only £2.05.

This sharply contrasts with Denmark, where electricity costs significantly more, at an average of £0.26 per Kwh.

The steeper price means it costs £25.84 to fill a low carbon vehicle's battery with electricity in the Scandinavian nation, with EV drivers spending around £1.00 to drive ten miles.

Germany is the only other country out of the 36 studied that comes close to this in terms of the high expense required.

Low carbon cars are becoming increasingly commonplace on roads around the world, with high efficiency and low running costs often cited as significant benefits over petrol and diesel cars - in the UK the average cost of power is £0.17 per Kwh, meaning it costs around £16.72 to fully charge an EV and around £0.65 to drive ten miles.

Compare the Market suggest Japanese motorists have to pay very similar costs as to the UK, while over in the US it costs only £9.88 to fully charge an EV.

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Bruna Pinhoni

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