Friday 31 May 2019

Got an innovative idea to protect the power grid from climate impacts?

Got an innovative idea to protect the power grid from climate impacts?

Iberdrola has launched a new start-up challenge that aims to support innovative ideas which can help protect the electricity grid from climate impacts.

It is calling on innovators and the start-up community in the UK to bring forward ideas that can help counter the impact of climate change and severe weather events on the grid.

Some of the challenges for electricity network operators include increases in temperature and greater frequency of extreme weather events, with storm-force winds, rising water levels, extreme heat, ice and snow potentially causing major damage and disruption.

Projects entering the comeptition must focus on two areas of action:

  • Prevention - Improving planning, operation, maintenance and engineering to better monitor and manage electricity assets before they are damaged
  • Recovery - Improving service recovery tasks by implementing solutions that minimise impact on users when the damage has been caused

The solutions proposed in both areas of action must use technologies such as analytics, big data and drones.

The winning project will have the opportunity to carry out a pilot, with the help of Iberdrola’s resources and market knowledge.

Armando Martinez, Director of the Networks Business of the Iberdrola Group, said: “Climate change poses many risks to society, and more frequent and more intense weather events are a real challenge for electricity network operators. Even equipment designed and engineered to the highest specifications can be completely destroyed by the fiercest of storms.

“Companies like Iberdrola are always innovating and improving processes, and we also studiously monitor and assess emerging technologies. However, we are sure that there will be concepts currently brewing in labs and on whiteboards that could end up being global game-changers.”

Registration for the competition is open until 30th June 2019.

Technologies for energy users that can help them reduce emissions and costs will be among those on display at The Energy Solutions Show (TESS)  on June 5th at Millennium Point, Birmingham.

If you wish to register as a delegate for free, you can send an e-mail here.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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