Tuesday 28 May 2019

Centrica launches global EV offer with solar and storage

Centrica launches global EV offer with solar and storage

Centrica has launched a new offer that will enable businesses to install solar panels and battery storage technologies to tackle the challenges of the electric vehicle (EV) transition.

Businesses will be able to meet the additional power demands of new charging points by generating, storing and managing their own electricity on site.

The ‘EV Enablement’ offer will allow them to integrate their EV chargers with existing energy infrastructure and access local energy management services to ensure they are managing their growing fleet in the smartest and most efficient way.

Centrica has developed the package of solutions in response to the growing global EV market, which could require up to 18GW of additional power by 2050 in the UK alone – equivalent to an extra 30% on top of today’s peak demand.

In the US, around 18.7 million EVs are estimated to hit the roads by 2030.

Research by the energy giant found more than 75% of businesses are planning to introduce EVs into the fleets, however, less than half (43%) of them have considered the implications of what that could mean in terms of their energy demand.

Jorge Pikunic, Global Managing Director for Centrica Business Solutions said: “The adoption of electric vehicles is no longer a question for tomorrow. For businesses, the transition to EV is a big opportunity to become cleaner, more sustainable and more efficient.

“We believe distributed energy technologies will be key to supporting the cost-effective roll out of EVs, reducing the need for costly grid upgrades and new centralised generation capacity.

“Our offer has been designed to be fully flexible so that, whatever stage businesses are at on the EV journey, we can help make the transition simpler, faster and more affordable.”

Centrica has installed more than 17,000 charging points since 2012 and is starting to electrify its own fleet of 14,000 vehicles.

It has also been confirmed as the first energy company to join the ‘Go Ultra Low’ campaign, established to help UK organisations and motorists understand the benefits, cost savings and capabilities of EVs.

Technologies for energy users that can help them reduce costs and emissions will be among those on display at The Energy Solutions Show (TESS)  on June 5th at Millennium Point, Birmingham.

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Bruna Pinhoni

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