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Latest Jobs – Non Commodity Manager – Haven Power

Latest Jobs – Non Commodity Manager – Haven Power


Non commodity charges are charges levied by Industry Participants on a Supplier for the costs they incur in the balancing, transmitting and distributing electricity across the network. They also include charges or taxes levied by Government bodies to recover subsidies for things like renewable generation.

Non commodity charges are now a significant proportion of a customer’s bill and therefore present a substantial financial risk to Haven’s profitability. It is therefore essential that Haven is able to recover these costs from customers through the accurate forecasting of charges and effective implementation of them into our pricing and billing systems.

This role is fundamental to maintaining Haven’s profitability by ensuring costs are fully recovered from consumers in a fair and transparent manner.


Commercial Director

Head of Trading, Forecasting and Analysis

Forecasting and Analysis Manager

Non-Commodity Manager


Reporting into the Head of Trading, Forecasting and Analysis you will initially work independently, utilising existing resource within the wider Commercial team, to consolidate a number of key non commodity activities. You will also work closely with the Group Market Analysis (GMA) team and the Sales and Operations teams within Haven.

You should possess a good analytical mind, be able to work under pressure to strict deadlines and be comfortable presenting recommendations to stakeholders around the business to facilitate effective decision making.

Key Accountabilities:

  • Act as the principle representative for all non-commodity charges at Haven.
  • Understand, analyse and challenge the implications of Group Market Analysis (GMA) team’s outputs as well as the impact of future regulatory changes. Propose required actions taking into account an estimate of the likely impact of changes to non-commodity costs on Haven and our portfolio of customers.
  • Share regular and proactive communication of GMA forecasts and their underlying assumptions with internal stakeholders.
  • When required interact with customers and have the confidence to explain developments in Non-Commodity costs.
  • Work with the Marketing team to create the Non-Commodity cost newsletter which is distributed internally and externally every 6 months
  • Ensure effective processes and tools are in place to manage reconciliation and validation of non-commodity costs and where appropriate their recovery from customers e.g. customers on pass through contracts.
  • Support Group Regulation in analysing regulatory changes relating to non-commodity costs (including DCUSA/CUSC changes as well as DECC/Ofgem publications). Assess the impact on Haven’s current and future business plans. Take a supporting role in responding to relevant consultations and participate in appropriate workgroups to influence modifications.
  • Oversee the development and operation of models to monitor, report and forecast levels of credit cover and associated collateral requirements in line with industry agreements / codes
  • Monitor actual credit cover percentages and identify where the level of cover should be increased/decreased.
  • Undertake scenario planning for known out of the ordinary events and unexpected events.
  • Ensure robust processes are in place for out-of-hours response to credit cover issues including training / briefing for all individuals involved
  • In conjunction with Group Regulation actively manage relationships with counterparties and industry bodies (including DNOs/NGET/LCCC/ELEXON/DECC) and initiation of change where appropriate.
  • Identify potential risk exposures resulting from poor business practices and take remedial action to mitigate those risks.
  • Document all processes and monitoring requirements to a high standard to support implementation and auditability.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience required:


  • A good understanding of retail electricity markets and in particular non commodity costs.
  • Be highly numerate and diligent with a practical approach to problem solving.
  • Well organised and capable of working under pressure and on own initiative.
  • Proficient in building strong relationships with key stakeholders across the business.
  • Good analytic skills, capable of working with large amounts of data and multiple data sources.
  • Capable of interpreting patterns in data and understanding what they mean for the business.
  • Confident and professional at all levels with excellent communication skills.
  • Intermediate/Advanced Excel skills.


  • You possess a good honours degree in a numerate discipline or equivalent.
  • Working knowledge of VBA, SQL and Python.
  • Good understanding of financial modelling.

Special Features:

Measures of Success:

  • Profitability is protected with a strong focus on non-commodity cost recovery and reduction.
  • Proactive approach taken to managing non commodity costs and ensuring recovery from customers through pricing and billing.
  • Agreement of forecasts between HPL and GMA– regular review process in place and implemented by both parties.
  • Positive feedback from stakeholders on communication of analysis and forecasts. More specifically, feedback indicates that communication is tailored to stakeholder needs.
  • New processes and procedures are well documented and shared with key stakeholders. Tools are fully documented and fit for purpose.
  • Production, validation and loading of relevant information into appropriate systems in a timely and expedient manner.
  • Non commodity invoicing is accurate with the appropriate level of transparency.
  • Actual credit cover percentages are accurately monitored and tracked monthly with no credit cover breaches.
  • Early identification of changes to collateral requirements. Group collateral levels minimised wherever appropriate.
  • The Commercial Director has solid evidence on which to base proposals for revisions to the level of security cover.
  • Effective and timely contributions for relevant consultations.
  • Good rapport developed and maintained with counterparties and industry bodies together with other industry stakeholders and Group counterparts.

How You Need to Act:

  • Initiative – you act and decide promptly and you spot emerging opportunities/problems by looking ahead. You take action to prevent problems developing and you exploit opportunities.
  • Relationship Building – you build a network of contacts within and outside the organisation, actively getting to know and appreciate others who bring a different perspective. You know where to go and whom to ask for information, skills and support
  • Impact & Influence – you identify a clear objective, you use facts, data and rational argument to influence others and you communicate in a clear and professional manner
  • Team Worker – you work with others to deliver results and provide support
  • Organiser – you plan your day to ensure that your work is completed on time and to standard
  • Open – you have an open attitude to learning and innovation

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Haven Values:

  • Honest – We say what we mean and do what we say: we’re genuine and true to our word
  • Energised – We’re passionate about our daily activities and have the drive to turn ideas into action
  • Achieving – We’re focused on our goals and determined to succeed. We work hard to deliver solutions to help us do things better.
  • Together – We work collaboratively and adopt a friendly approach with our colleagues, customers and stakeholders, recognising the value each brings to achieving the Group vision.

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