Wednesday 22 May 2019

Webinar: Capitalise on rising energy costs – Five ways to transform your buying strategy

Webinar: Capitalise on rising energy costs – Five ways to transform your buying strategy

Increasing commodity and non-commodity costs amidst a back drop of unprecedented economic uncertainty means that revisiting your energy buying strategy is more important than ever.

A robust energy strategy, executed well, will give your businesses long-term cost and carbon savings, it will shelter you from rising commodity and non-commodity energy costs and provide you will revenue generating opportunities.

In this webinar, we will share our top five essential steps for developing a future-proofed energy strategy that can handle anything 2019 throws at it.

You will also hear from Inenco customer, Ibstock, who will share first-hand experience of how an effective energy procurement strategy helped their business achieve a competitive advantage, despite a changing and challenging environment.

The webinar will explore all elements of the energy strategy, from choosing the right procurement tools through to optimising your consumption patterns.


    • Inenco - Stuart Lea, Head of Energy Procurement
    • Inenco – David Oliver, Technical Product and Insight Manager
    • Inenco customer – Michael McGowan, Group Sustainability Manager, Ibstock

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Speaker Bios:

Stuart Lea, Head of Energy Trading, Inenco
Industry experience 24 years

Stuart leads Inenco’s team of energy procurement professionals. He has overall responsibility for Inenco’s procurement and trading operations in the UK and Europe including Fixed Purchasing, Inenco’s Options Portfolio, Flexible Purchasing and Risk Management.
Stuart is also responsible for developing new and innovative product offers with energy suppliers and ensures we have the commercial relationships that help secure the contracts our customers demand.

Stuart has specialist skills in the technical and fundamental analysis of the energy markets and in the negotiation of energy supply and commercial agreements. During his time at Inenco, Stuart has further developed the close relationships we have with utility suppliers that underpin the content and success of our services, to greater benefit our clients.

Stuart previously worked for a ‘Big 6’ energy supplier. Since joining Inenco, he has undertaken other roles including Business Analyst, Account Manager and Trader.

David Oliver, Technical Product and Insight Manager, Inenco
Industry experience 30 years

David works in Inenco’s Solution team, delivering bespoke energy and water services. He also provides strategic advice to customers and is a regular contributor to and speaker at Inenco conferences, webinars and blogs.

David joined Inenco in 2007 having previously worked in the energy industry as both a designer and later as a consultant for large power station projects, including power and desalination schemes.

David works closely with all functions at Inenco to develop holistic strategies for customers. He offers advice to customers on the impact of changes in legislation and policy and has been involved in a number of generation projects including combined heat and power as well as renewables.


Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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