Wednesday 15 May 2019

The energy sector is crying out for new technology

The energy sector is crying out for new technology

By David Bootle, Global Head of Corporate Marketing, Northern Gas and Power

Technology has brought more ease and comfort into our lives and fundamentally changed the way we do business and interact within these sectors.

We are already paying a very heavy price for the lack of innovation seen in the energy sector.
Our inability to manage our energy more effectively has cost us financially and caused damage to our environment.

The current generation of energy management technology and M&T systems were built on now out-dated technologies and they have become very limiting, inflexible, costly and difficult to use.

The energy sector is crying out for new technology that is agile, powerful, accessible, scalable and cost effective. This technology will change the way we view, control and use our energy bringing about positive change. Advancements such as AI and machine learning provide exciting opportunities for improved future energy management, reducing wastage and CO2 emissions.

We stand on the edge of a period of significant change, heralding ideas and innovations that will transform the way energy is used for future generations. We recognise there is a real demand for change. The energy industry needs not only a change of attitude; it needs a change of technology.

People want change - businesses want to become more eco-friendly and find better ways to manage their energy, but technology has been very limiting.

We recognise now that there is a real demand and that people want to improve their behaviour with energy. We must meet this opportunity and drive it with innovation and technology.

There is huge potential for new industries to emerge from the opportunity technology offers us and we feel this will drive the future economy to great new heights.

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