Friday 10 May 2019

TESS 2019: AI energy management changes everything

TESS 2019: AI energy management changes everything

AI energy management changes everything.

That’s the verdict from Optimal Monitoring’s Chairman Michael Prager and Managing Director Duncan Everett, both of whom will be hosting a joint session at The Energy Solutions Show 2019 in Birmingham’s Millennium Point on the 5th of June.

They will be hosting a demonstration of ‘EMMA’ - the world's first AI energy manager. Together they will explore the impact of AI on how energy is managed how and energy reduction project investment decisions are made.

The Optimal Monitoring team say the introduction of AI will not be an incremental change for the sector - they suggest it will be a disruptive switch that will challenge existing working practices, reallocate resources across the sector, create winners and losers from existing players and let new entrants restate the rules.

In an interactive, participation-based session, Mr Prager and Mr Everett will explain how AI is different to existing rules-based computing and advise the audience how to effectively use it, as well as what to avoid doing.

Make sure you attend for the key practical pointers to how best to engage with this new technology so that you are masters of it, not slaves to it.

If you're interested in attending The Energy Solutions Show 2019, you can register here for free.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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