Tuesday 7 May 2019

TESS 2019: The bioenergy revolution and the role of business

TESS 2019: The bioenergy revolution and the role of business

Bioenergy is a sustainable, flexible and reliable energy source that can hugely benefit businesses.

That's the verdict from Dr Ana-Maria Cortes, Business Research Associate at Energy Systems, and Dr Paula Blanco, Lecturer in Chemical Engineering at Aston University, both of whom will be hosting a joint session at The Energy Solutions Show 2019 in Birmingham's Millennium Point on the 5th of June.

They say recovering energy from biomass can be used to offset power, heat and transport costs, while helping achieve sustainability and corporate responsibility targets.

Both experts say biomass could play a vital role in the transition to a low carbon, modern energy system and note it will allow the UK and other nations to cope with the increasing demand for flexible heat and power.

In their talk they will outline its role as a reliable, flexible and renewable energy source, as well as explore the different potential pathways in which it could be implemented by residential, business and district network operators.

If you're interested in attending The Energy Solutions Show 2019, you can register here for free.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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