Friday 3 May 2019

Alex Hill

Alex Hill

Alex’s career in the energy industry began in 2007 with the realization that energy management products and services were being developed at such a rate that companies were struggling to keep up, and struggling to identify which technologies might work for them. Founding an independent energy consultancy straight out of university, Alex gained an in-depth knowledge of what was on offer across the market. This lead to the realization of the central role that energy tech and software platforms would play across procurement, portfolio management, market analysis, and energy reduction in the future.

Since it’s conception in 2012, Alex has worked with his co-founders at ZTP to design and build all company processes and offerings, giving him a unique perspective of both ZTP and the wider energy market. This perspective has since been invested back into the design of three energy and business management software products, including the recently released Kiveev platform, which is pushing the boundaries of what functionality and information is provided to major energy users.

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Bruna Pinhoni

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