Wednesday 1 May 2019

RAC unveils mobile kit to give stranded EVs a spark of life

RAC unveils mobile kit to give stranded EVs a spark of life

The RAC has unveiled new mobile kit allowing its recovery vans to give stranded electric vehicles (EVs) a spark of life.

It has developed what it claims is the first lightweight mobile EV charger capable of giving out-of-charge cars a power boost to get them safely to a nearby charging point.

The firm says it has deployed the technology in readiness for "the UK’s expected electric vehicle boom" and says the bespoke solution will be able to be rolled-out to hundreds of its regular patrol vehicles.

The first six vans equipped with the technology will be sent out into London, Birmingham and Manchester this summer.

The charger uses the van's petrol engine to fire up a generator and supply electricity - the RAC says this is vital as many EVs cannot be towed normally and need to be transported with all wheels off the ground, requiring a flat-bed vehicle to be brought out in the event of a breakdown.

RAC's Head of Roadside Rescue Innovation Chris Millward said: "Our solution enables our patrols to help stranded EV drivers at the roadside with a power boost, equivalent to a top-up from a fuel can for a petrol or diesel car, to get them on their way again.

"The number of EVs on the road will grow rapidly in the next few years, in particular we are seeing increased interest and take-up from business and fleet managers, so it is critical that we have an effective mobile power source for these cars in an emergency giving EV-owners complete peace of mind."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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