Thursday 18 April 2019

The Graphene Corporation

The Graphene Corporation

The Graphene Corporation is a London-based nanotechnology company that have been working on graphene, and other nanomaterial, production and utilisation for a variety of applications.

The company has developed their own highly cost-effective mechanism and equipment to produce multiple grades of graphenes and graphene oxide to suit specific applications.

The company do not directly sell their graphenes and graphene oxide material but instead use it to develop and market products further downstream. This is being carried out by establishing partnerships and working closely with OEMs and other members of their supply chain.

The Graphene Corporation is currently focusing on the energy storage sector to reflect the demand for the applications it has developed. The company has developed a range of graphene enhanced lithium-ion batteries which provide a significant improvement in the energy density than the current best-in-class plus a significant reduction in re-charge time.

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Bruna Pinhoni

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