Wednesday 27 February 2019

Nearly 60% of office employees are unaware of energy saving efforts

Nearly 60% of office employees are unaware of energy saving efforts

A new poll from E.ON finds nearly 60% of UK employees are unaware of energy saving practices in their company.

The new survey of 500 office workers shows although 92% of energy managers believe staff in their office would be able to identify them as the energy and sustainability decision maker, nearly half of employees have no idea who they are.

In addition, only 4% of people questioned believe energy management is important to keep their business operating effectively, compared to a 37% proportion who said IT is a more important area of focus.

The results of the study show half of all employees don't bother switching off their computer and monitor at the end of the working day, even though they are nearly twice as likely to make sure appliances and devices are fully shut down at home.

In terms of heating, more than twice as many people are likely to turn the thermostat down 1°C at home (34%) as opposed to at work (15%).

Phil Gilbert, Director of Business Customer Solutions at E.ON, said: “When it comes to a business running smoothly, comfortably and efficiently, energy managers are some of the most important people in the office, yet our survey has shown their efforts can often go unnoticed or unrecognised.

"There’s clearly a job to be done around persuading colleagues that the little changes they make to their office behaviours can collectively have a significant impact and what’s good for the company in terms of greater efficiency and lower overheads translates into a benefit for all in terms of job security and prospects."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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