Thursday 14 February 2019

Solar plant in Ghana hits the roof

Solar plant in Ghana hits the roof

Ghana’s first power purchase agreement-financed solar plant for a commercial customer has been completed.

The 400.4KW solar plant on the roof of drink producer Kasapreko’s bottling facility in Spintex Road will be operated by CrossBoundary Energy Ghana Limited as part of a 16-year solar services agreement.

It will supply 570,570kWh of power to the bottling facility each year and help to displace power supplied by diesel generators at peak times, as well as allowing Kasapreko to reduce its carbon emissions by more than 4,600 tonnes over the plant's lifespan.

The agreement will see Kasapreko pay for the solar power produced and all related maintenance, monitoring, insurance and financing costs in one easy monthly bill.

Yingli Namene will provide operations and maintenance services for the solar facility in its first year, with SolarAfrica responsible for asset management and performance monitoring.

Azuri has recently unveiled a new 32-inch version of its solar-powered TV for off-grid households in Africa.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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