Monday 4 February 2019

‘More companies than ever are switching to EVs’

‘More companies than ever are switching to EVs’

More companies than ever are switching to electric vehicles (EVs).

That's the verdict from the Climate Group, which says this will help to combat air pollution in cities, lower business risks and future-proof company operations against low emission zones.

The report covers the commitments of 23 member companies, including Ingka Group, Deutsche Post DHL Group and Bank of America - together they are working to switch 145,000 vehicles to electric in 66 markets worldwide by 2030.

The organisation expects this to save more than 6.6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, equivalent to the greenhouse gas footprint of 1.9 million UK households.

More than 95% of these businesses cite reducing greenhouse gas emissions as a reason for the transition to low carbon cars, while 80% note the need to tackle air pollution and a third say they are incentivised by cost savings.

Ingka Group is future-proofing its operations by switching to EVs - future emissions limits in Amsterdam could cause the firm to lose delivery access to 390,000 households if they stay using combustion engine cars.

Helen Clarkson, CEO, The Climate Group, said: "With countries pledging to end sales of the combustion engine and cities bringing in low or zero emission zones, forward-thinking companies are getting ahead of the curve now by switching to EVs.

"The private sector has an instrumental part to play in bringing down emissions and cleaning up our air – and there are big opportunities for companies taking action now here in the UK."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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