Yorkshire Water wants a ‘straightforward conversation’ with customers

The water firm believes making its data public will help people think more about reducing their usage

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Yorkshire Water has promised to make its water resources data public as part of a ‘straightforward conversation’ with customers on their usage.

The move would make the water company the first to regularly publish full data on the region’s resources, which it hopes will allow customers to better see how dry weather and high demand impact the amount of water available.

The company believes customers are more likely to think about their water use and change their habits when they feel they are being given honest information about water, compared to being hit with enforced restrictions and bans.

The data will include detailed information on reservoir, river and groundwater levels, customer demand, rainfall and the outputs of the company’s water treatment works.

It shows Yorkshire’s demand for water peaked during the summer with an increase of up to 200 million litres per day, more than the daily demand of a city the size of Leeds.

As a result, Yorkshire Water’s reservoir stocks currently stand at 56%, below the level normally expected at this time of year.

Yorkshire Water CEO Richard Flint said: “We feel that for us to really be able to have the conversation with customers about their use of water we need to be really clear with them about the current situation.

“We hope that making our full water situation report available will allow customers to use the information to make their own decisions about the action they can take to conserve water at home.”