Tuesday 20 November 2018

Turbine maker MHI Vestas to create 1,100 jobs on Isle of Wight

Turbine maker MHI Vestas to create 1,100 jobs on Isle of Wight

Wind turbine manufacturer MHI Vestas expects to create 1,100 new jobs as it gears up to ramp up production of its blades on the Isle of Wight.

The company said the arrival of a new blade mould at its factory in England could also boost the regional economy by £42 million a year.

It expects to start production on a second manufacturing line at the Isle of Wight site by January next year.

Julian Brown, MHI Vestas UK Country Manager said: “Among all the uncertainty these days, it’s quite a remarkable image: a massive blade moult comes into the UK with hundreds of new employees readying themselves for years of serial production.

“It’s offshore wind at its finest, actually – large-scale manufacturing, sustainable jobs, considerable economic benefit to local communities and a green energy source driving the UK towards aa carbon-free future.”

The announcement comes during Offshore Wind Week and has been welcomed by Energy and Clean Growth Minister Claire Perry.

She said: “The UK is the global home of offshore wind, housing the world’s largest offshore wind farm, with over 6% of our home-grown electricity coming from clean wind power.

“This Offshore Wind Week, MHI Vestas is contributing to this success story, creating hundreds of new skilled jobs and driving regional growth with £42 million of additional economic benefit expected. As part of our modern Industrial Strategy, we’re putting the finishing touches to our Offshore Wind Sector Deal to create the right business conditions to export this expertise around the world to ensure this sector goes from strength to strength.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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